Mountain biking is one of the most loved activity across the planet. Be it for the purpose of sports or leisure it has certainly attracted many individuals worldwide. There are many different kinds of equipment required for the purpose of mountain biking the most important thing which is required is the bike itself. Most of the mountain bikes which are available are geared and ensure that they provide complete leisure to the user. Before you decide on to get yourself a mountain bike, it’s very important that you consider few things. To make sure that you do not end up getting a bad product, conducting a proper research is very crucial. It will not only make you aware of all the various features that are offered by various bikes but can also ensure that you do not end up paying the excess amount for the same bike.

Type of Mountain bike to choose

One of the most important thing to consider before getting yourself a mountain bike is that you should conduct proper research before you buy a new bike and not just go with the most hyped one. There are many different kinds of mountain bikes available in the market and it’s very important that you select one which is best suited for the terrain which you are going to ride in. Different terrain bikes have different features, and proper tweaking is done in the design of the bike. If you are a trail rider, then you should go for a bike which perfumes in a balanced way in all the terrain.

Frame of Bike

The frame is the most important factor which needs to be considered. As it’s the most important element of the bike, the frame will be responsible for all the support, durability, strength and weight of the mountain bike. There are many different kinds of material used for framing of the bike these material involve, Steel, Aluminium, Titanium and lastly carbon fibre. Each of the material has its benefits but also have some advantage over the other. This makes it very important that you select the frame of the bike by paying proper attention to the terrain in which you are mostly going to ride the bike.


Along with all the both things, a mountain bike that is available on the market today offers the user with all kinds of features. Right from suspension, to brakes there is everything loaded on the mountain bike. This is one decision which can be very helpful in an adverse situation as proper features will ensure that your bike gives you proper safety, and most importantly comfort. Tyres are also one thing which needs to choose wisely. Most of the bikes offer tubeless tyres which are the best decision if you are going to ride in rough terrain. Also, tyre grip plays the most important part in ensuring proper control of the bike. With the help of a good tyre, you can make sure that your bike is always in your command even in the most difficult situations.

I am a lover of all things having to do with bikes. While motorcycles happen to be my cycling weapon of choice, I don’t discriminate against any time of cycle. I enjoy spending my fair share of time on a pedal bike as well-both road bikes and mountain bikes. I’ve rented scooters in Bermuda, taken my motorcycle out on to the open road, and taken a road bike down many a mountain.